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LMSA has pledged to do its part to keep Indiana’s waterways free from harmful chemicals, excess nutrients and debris, and to implement practices that prevent the spread of aquatic species. We have identified opportunities to control pollution associated in several areas including:

      • Storm Water Runoff
      • Fueling
      • Sewage Facilities
      • Solid Waste
      • Liquid Materials
      • Boat Cleaning. 

Our members have agreed to a set of pollution prevention practices and placed them into the bylaws of our organization.  Our policy  implements practices to control nonpoint source pollution and helps us focus on being an environmentally conscious member of our lake community. Here is a link to what you need to know regarding your activities including maintenance and cleaning while keeping your boat at LMSA: Pollution Prevention Practices.

Earned Credit Opportunity – Indiana Clean Boater Pledge

Members: Earn one hour of volunteer credit by joining the members of our club who have already signed the Indiana Clean Boater Pledge and received a sticker for their commitment by completing the form at this link and submitting it to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. Learn more and complete the form by vising the Indiana Clean Boater web site.

Earn two additional free earned credit hours by completing BoatUS Foundation’s Clean Boating Course at www.boatus.org/clean-course

Learn more about keeping our lake clean by reviewing these tip Sheets

LMSA’s success at being environmentally responsible depends on our members doing their part. These Clean Boater Tip Sheets can help you understand how you can play a vital role in keeping our lake clean and healthy.